Civil, Administrative, Labor, Corporate, Criminal, Tax, Customs etc...
Pensions, Land Register, ASEP Competitions, Special Criminal Laws, etc...
Bank Mediation, Debt Settlements, Out-of-court Settlement, etc...

Koufelos & Associates

« Our law office was established in 2010 and took the form of a Law Firm in 2016 with the sole purpose and vision of providing the best integrated and modern legal services to individuals, organizations and businesses. We aim to offer high quality services that are distinguished by their consistency, practicality and efficiency, even in the most demanding conditions.

We utilize our knowledge and experience, as well as teamwork, with the sole purpose of pursuing our clients’ goals and settling their cases. We manage every challenge by maintaining high levels of personal and professional ethics and conduct aiming for the best possible result.

We create trusting relationships with clients, who recognize the superiority of valid and up-to-date knowledge. Our duty is to fully cover the needs of our customers, protect their interests and prevent unpleasant situations for them in a timely manner. »

Koufelos & Associates - Law Firm



Administrative law
Lawsuits - Appeals - Annulment Disputes - Public Liability - Memorable Deductions - Special Payrolls - Fines
Road Accidents, Public Liability - Transfers and Leases of Vehicles - Traffic Law Cases
Civil law
We provide you with specialized legal advisory work and undertake out-of-court and judicial representation in matters related to the wider spectrum of Civil Law...
Corporate Law
Legal Consulting, Establishment - Conversion - Acquisition - Merger - Dissolution of Companies - Investments - Transactions - Contracts
Criminal law
Specialized legal support in all Criminal Law matters. Arbitrary - Drugs - Defamation - Insult - Theft - Homicide
Labor law
Protection of individual and collective labor rights, Proper application of national and European labor legislation, Social Security, Occupational Accident
Over-indebted Households (Katseli Law)
Incorporation Applications - Reform Applications - Payment Orders - Enforcement - Protection of First Home
Real estate
Title Control - Sales - Leases - Transfers - REAL ESTATE FINANCE
Tax – Customs Law
Appeals - Customs and Tax Fines - Offenses - Inheritance, Parental Support, Donation Taxes - Real Estate Taxes - Capital Tax



Bankruptcy law
Bankruptcy Petition - Reorganization Procedure - Administration of Bankruptcy Estate - Compromise - Objections - Interventions
Commercial law
Payment Orders, Checks - Bills of Exchange, Invoices, Contracts, Intellectual and Industrial Property
Doctor – Pharmaceutical Law
Medical Liability - Negligence - Disciplinary Responsibilities - Pharmacy Licenses - Sales Licenses - Insurance Coverage of Treatment Expenses - Payroll
Land – Forest Registry
Cadastre - Forestry - Arbitrary - Lots - Protocols - Removal of Reforestation - Characteristics
Navy Law
Contracts & Shipping Agreements - Establishment of NEPA and Shipping S.A. - Legal Consulting - Accident - Compensation
Retirement conditions, Enumeration, Applications, Disability Pensions
Special Criminal Laws
Financial & Cybercrime - Guns & Drugs - Military - Commercial - Urban Planning - Antiquities - Sports Violence
SPSB competitions
Document Check - Validation & Translation - File Submission - Applications - Objections - Ranking Tables - Appeals
Urban Planning Law
Building Permits - Arbitrary - Studies - Consulting & Representation - Objections - Audits



Banking Intermediation
Debt on loans and cards – Personal and Business Loans – Banking Code of Conduct
Out-of-court settlement of private disputes
Dispute Resolution - Consulting and Representation - Drafting of Agreements
Settlements of Debts to the State and Insurance Funds
Out-of-court Mediation with Public and Insurance Agencies - Legal Consulting

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