Areas of expertise

Special Criminal Laws

The Law Firm “KOUFELOS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM” undertakes the representation at the interrogation, the drafting of apologetics, the representation in the audience, the representation in support of the charge (civil action) but also the support of natural and legal persons in the context of professional life to avoid performing illegal actions provided for either in the Criminal Code or in special criminal ones.

In particular:

• Financial Crime – Cases of financial crimes [smuggling, usury, fraud, embezzlement at the expense of the State, NPDD, Banks, etc. (Law 1608/1950) and the European Union, extortion, bribery, money laundering activities, as well as forming and participating in a criminal organization]
• Electronic Crime – Computer Fraud – Defamation – Defamation
• Law on Drugs & Arms and Ammunition Law
• Military service – Obligation to enlist
• Sports Violence
• Juvenile law

• Antiquities Law

• Commercial violations [production and marketing of unsuitable food, adulteration of food by mixing different qualities, adulteration, in general, of “necessity of life” products, the violation of the regulations, regarding the hours, (not) operating on Sundays, but also for discounts, offers, etc., obstructing the control bodies and not providing the requested data (invoices, etc.)].
• Urban planning violations (construction of a building without a permit, complaint due to arbitrary construction, etc)

• Non-payment of debts to the State  & Tax evasion (VAT, income tax, virtual invoices ).
• Money laundering from criminal activities.
• Issuing bad checks
• Committing crimes that are provided for by the Laws on Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
• Violation of provisions of Capital Market Law

• Violation of provisions of Labor Legislation – Non-payment of employer and labor contributions to the insurance organizations & Non-payment of employee wages.

• Violation of provisions of the Bankruptcy Law

• Protection of Free Competition (art. 43 and 44 of Law 3959/2011) & of Unfair Competition (law 146/1914).

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