Those arrested for rape in Plomari received a deadline to apologize.

The two arrested for rape in Plomari were given a deadline to apologize before an investigator and prosecutor until Friday.

“These complaints are a common practice of female tourists in order to collect compensation from their insurance,” says the lawyer of the defendants, Taxiarchis Koufelos.

The two alleged perpetrators were brought to the Mytilini Courthouse at 12 noon to be charged, and they requested and received a 48-hour deadline.

According to the complaint against a 23-year-old and a 25-year-old that they made to the Plomari police station, two female tourists from Sweden, in the early hours of Tuesday, taking advantage of the alcohol effect of the two women, the two perpetrators are accused of raping her.

The defense attorney for the two accused of rape is Taxiarchis Koufelos who stated that he requested a forensic examination and an examination by a psychiatrist and that the complaint concerns a common practice of foreign tourists to collect compensation from their insurance in case of rape. Both arrested deny the charge and plead not guilty.

Source: stonisi.gr

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