Κουφέλος & Συνεργάτες - "«Πόρτα» από τη δικαιοσύνη στην κεραία της Vodafone"

Koufelos and Associates – “Door from justice to Vodafone’s antenna”

The decision of the Court of First Instance of Mytilini for the Community of Vasiliki and the Municipality of West Lesvos regarding the injunctions that occupied the court on June 9 and the issue was first highlighted by the News of Lesvos, regarding the attempt of the Vodafone company to install mobile phone antenna in Vasilika, on the outskirts of the village, near the building of the old Primary School, a stone’s throw from the houses.

Let’s remember that at that time the residents had reacted with successive popular assemblies and the Community Leader, Makis Gavalas, proceeded to activate the Municipality and take legal action through the Law Firm Koufelos & Collaborators. The court’s decision on the injunctions that were made was announced yesterday and puts an end to the installation, as it warns with a fine of 5,900 euros in case the company proceeds, while accepting the request of the Community that the installation beyond the issues from the emission of electromagnetic radiation for the health of the inhabitants of the village, will cause damage to both the natural and the residential environment in the place where it was set to be installed.

See below how the representative of the Company Koufelos & Partners, Taxiarchis Koufelos in the newspaper “The News of Lesvos“…

It is the third mobile phone antenna installation case handled by our office, and we have had a positive result from our appeal to justice, as there have been similar cases in Vounaraki and Afalona.

We are satisfied and as we said from the beginning, for every citizen the only rock on which they can lean is justice and this is proven in practice. The residents of Vasiliki found themselves facing a large company, which attempted to install the antenna, bypassing the local community.

Fortunately, justice with its decisions stands as a shield against arbitrariness”.

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