Ελεύθεροι χωρίς περιοριστικούς όρους οι κατηγορούμενοι για το βιασμό.

Those accused of the rape are free without restrictive conditions.

The two young men accused of raping two Swedish tourists in Plomari were released without restrictive conditions tonight at 9:00 p.m. The decision of the justice to let them go free and without restrictive conditions, while usually those accused of rape are remanded in custody if nothing else, shows that they are not considered afraid that such acts will end. However, their lawyer points out that as long as these charges continue to weigh on them, the two young people will not return under the same conditions to Plomari, but will face great difficulties in their lives and work.

The defendants who continue to insist that not only did they not rape the two women but they themselves provoked them to have intercourse with them were brought before a Prosecutor and Investigator at noon and their plea was a marathon as the process ended as we mentioned above at 9:00 in the evening.

In court, the two complainants were the first to testify in the presence of a psychologist, insisting that they are victims of gang rape, and for this reason, the accusation was changed to the disadvantage of the two young people, that they had gang-raped the two women. However, the decision to release them without restrictive conditions caused satisfaction in the defense undertaken by the Koufelos & Associates Law Firm, whose representative, Taxiarchis Koufelos, told Lesvos News that “my clients have been dragged away by the two complainants, seeing their lives they have changed dramatically as our society is small.”

Let us recall here that as revealed by the News of Lesvos in their newspaper on Thursday, the medical examiner’s report did not record any signs of violence on the two foreign nationals and this seems to have played a decisive role in the decisions of the justice system, while now the defense is awaiting the issuance of the will from which they will, it remains to be seen if they will be referred or if they will eventually be released.

Source: nealesvou.gr

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