Ταξιάρχης Κουφέλος - Δημοσίευμα "Διέγραψε και «επαγγελματικά» δάνεια το Ειρηνοδικείο"!

Koufelos and Associates – “The Magistrate’s Court also wrote off “professional” loans”!

Taxiarchis Koufelos speaks to the journalist Stratis Samiotis, from the newspaper “Ta Nea tis Lesvos” about the settlement of debts of companies that have been foreclosed, and the decision issued by the Mytilene Magistrate’s Court, placing under the protection of the provisions of the Katseli Law a professional from Mytilene who she had received loans of 170,000 euros with her retired banker husband. With its decision, the court deletes the amount of 72,000 euros from the total amount of the loan, regulating the remaining 98,000 euros in 245 monthly installments of 400 euros each…

See the article in the clipping from the newspaper below:



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