Κουφέλος & Συνεργάτες - Τέλος η κεραία κινητής από το Βουναράκι

Koufelos and Associates – Finally the mobile antenna from Vounaraki

Koufelos & Associates, the attempt to install a mobile phone antenna in Vounaraki, Mytilini, has been completed.

The residents of Vounaraki, Mytilini, with their lawyer Taxiarchis Koufelos, overturned the case almost won by a mobile phone company for the installation of an antenna in their area, convincing the justice system with the arguments they developed about health issues from the emission of radiation near the houses, in a densely populated area anyway.


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The attempt to install a mobile phone antenna in Vounaraki in Mytilene must be considered a definitively finished case, as after the injunctive measures won by the residents of the area, now the Multi-Member Court of First Instance, with its decision, comes to effectively put the tombstone to the actions of the large company which has now merged with nova. This result shows that no company, no matter how big it is and no matter how powerful its access, can impose what it wants if local communities act with unity and determination, wanting to protect their health from the electromagnetic radiation they emit. mobile phone antennas.

We remind you that the issue of the antenna in Bounaraki occupied the summer of 2021 and in fact the residents with their lawyer Taxiarchis Koufelo overturned the case almost won by a mobile phone company to install an antenna in the area, convincing the justice with the arguments they developed for health issue from the emission of radiation near homes, in an already densely populated area.

The mobile telephony company had started the procedures for installing the antenna in a rented property having a license from EETT since the previous months and in fact the residents had reacted and the issue had also concerned the Municipality of Mytilini. In the interim of this claim, their representation was undertaken by the Law Firm Koufelos & Partners, with the representative of Taxiarchis Koufelos fighting to save a case that seemed lost from the beginning, as long as the legal framework for the installation of mobile telephone antennas leaves almost everything free. Mr. Koufelos highlighted the issues from the operation of the antenna in this area and the difficult coexistence with the residents, among them small children, patients, but also elderly people, so that the court finally put a block on the installation.

The decision (1/2022) of the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Mytilene on the Insurance Measures procedure was a quandary, recognizing that the emission of the antenna at 300 meters from the nearest house can cause irreparable damage to health, while accepting the issue originally raised by Mr. Koufelos that Vounaraki is an area governed by provisions on traditional settlements and therefore the licenses already issued by the mobile phone company suffer, as additional licenses are required, as provided for traditional settlements and other such facilities.

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