Areas of expertise


The Law Firm “KOUFELOS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM” undertakes to provide you with full information regarding your retirement conditions, the counting of your benefits as well as the filing of your retirement application for all categories insured and insurance funds.

In addition, we provide legal advisory services and representation, namely:

• Exercising all the prescribed legal means, before the competent Committees and Administrative Courts for the resolution of any Social Security dispute, for the effective protection and judicial assertion of insurance-pension rights, with representation of all categories of EFKA and ETEAEP insured persons, but also of the companies/businesses (reports/complaints, out-of-court protests, requests for treatment/objections/individual appeals before the competent committees, lawsuits/appeals and any other legal means of temporary or final protection before the competent courts of civil and administrative justice).
• Submission of pension applications, with full preparation and processing of the pension process at EFKA and ETEAEP (electronic submission of pension application, submission of the necessary supporting documents, transitions and contacts at the Funds with the competent operators of the pension files to control the course of the case, follow-up of the procedure up to the issuance of the retirement decision).
• Disability pensions.
• Military pensions.
• All insurance funds (currently E.F.K.A).
• All auxiliary funds (currently ETEAEP).
• Opinions on retirement [Presentation of the alternative cases of retirement by the EFKA (application of successive insurance, use of fictitious years, recognition of insurance time, etc.), while at the same time – if requested – a calculation of the amount of the pension is also provided, both for the main (EFKA) and their supplementary insurance (ETEAEP), as well as for their one-off benefits].
• Opinions for individuals and companies, regarding all kinds of Insurance-Pension issues (e.g. employment of pensioners, parallel insurance in 2 Funds-double pensioners, calculation of contributions of members of the Board of Directors of companies, etc.).

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