Branches of Law

Criminal law

The Law Firm “KOUFELOS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM” provides legal support to the principals at all stages of the criminal procedure, from the drafting and filing of crimes / lawsuits / pleadings, the drafting and submission of memoranda and applications, the thorough study and preparation of criminal files, the appearance and representation before the competent prosecutorial and investigative authorities, judicial councils and courts of all levels of jurisdiction throughout the Territory.

• Crimes against Life, Personal Freedom, Reproductive Freedom
• Crimes against Property – Property (theft, embezzlement, confiscation, robbery, damage to foreign property, damage to electronic data, etc., extortion, fraud, infidelity, stalking creditors, etc.)
• Crimes against Honor (insult, defamation, defamation, defamation of an anonymous company, etc.)
• Appeals to the European Court of Human Rights for violations of the provisions of the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights
• Criminal liability of company representatives
• Crimes of Domestic Violence
• Crimes relating to the Service
• Crimes against the Security of Transportation, Telephone Communications and Public Facilities
• Breach of Privacy
• Antiquities
• Forests – forest lands (public and private)
• Public estates – seafront
• Environment
• Urban planning violations

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