Areas of expertise

Urban Planning Law

The Law Firm ” KOUFELOS & PARTNERS LAW FIRM” undertakes cases governed by the Law of Town Planning and Spatial Planning, providing full legal support to its clients, public sector bodies or individuals.


• Application of urban planning legislation for the construction of all kinds of buildings (e.g. location of production units, facilities and activities, urban planning organization of cities, residential areas, etc.)
• Legal Consulting and Representation before the competent administrative authorities, in all phases of preparation of the relevant plans or licensing.

• Legal representation before the Council of State and administrative courts in cases of infringement of zoning and zoning plans, issuance and revocation of building permits, arbitrary constructions, sealing of uses, etc.

• Legal support during the drafting of environmental impact studies for industrial, quarrying, construction, tourism, etc. activities.
• Legal consulting regarding environmental issues of real estate development programs in accordance with spatial and urban planning, in the context of general urban plans and city plans, residential control zones, plans for the protection of mountainous areas, regulatory plans etc.

• Legal support for the issuance of building permits for all kinds of activities, but also for the regularization of arbitrary constructions in accordance with Law 3843/2010, Law 4014/2011 and Law 4178/2013.

• We represent natural persons or legal entities in the private or public sector for the exercise of legal remedies and objections against environmental regulations and against city plans and urban planning studies, general urban plans, implementation acts, acts of accrual and apportionment of compensations, building permits, and for the determination of compensation for judicial expropriations.

The Law Firm “KOUFELOS – TSOUVALA & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM” offers its client completely specialized services in the fields of urban planning and spatial planning law and through its exclusive and permanent collaboration with experienced Architects and Surveying Engineers who act as our technical advisors.

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