Branches of Law

Labor law

The Law Firm ” KOUFELOS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM” undertakes the out-of-court and judicial representation of its clients in cases concerning both the protection of workers’ rights and the legal support of companies and businesses for the correct application of national and European labor legislation, but also any case related to Social Security and specifically related to:

• Judicial representation at all levels of jurisdiction
• Appeals against E.F.K.A
• Work-related accident
• Drafting of information-opinion notes for individuals and businesses, regarding all kinds of Labor Law issues (e.g. legality of termination of an employment contract, correct calculation of severance pay, distinction between salaried and independent work, employment with 1–3 employers, according to article 39, par. 9 Law 4387/2016 etc. Representation before the Labor Inspectorate
• Corporate Law – Statutes – Consulting
• Civil Servant Law
• Trade unionists – Permit
• Uniforms
• Transfers – Transfers – Detachments
• Drafting employment contracts, confidentiality and non-competition clauses
• Issues of equal treatment and personal data protection in the workplace
• Harmful change in working conditions
• Memorial Cuts – Special Payrolls
• Earnings claim – Protection against invalid dismissal
• Flexible forms of work
• Representation and resolution of disputes before Public Authorities and Social Security Organizations
• Out-of-court resolution of Labor Law disputes between employers and employees (with out-of-court complaints, negotiations, etc.), with the aim of reaching a compromise agreement for the benefit of all parties involved
• Objections before local administrative committees
• Examining the employment contracts (contract template scanning) of the company’s staff and the general labor policy (labor policy) followed by the employer (recording of overtime, submission of personnel tables, registration of schedule changes, etc.), in order to identify practices that contradict to the written provisions of the labor, insurance and tax legislation.
• Redrafting of employment contracts (contract redrafting) and suggesting legal solutions/proposals for full legal compliance of the entrepreneur in the existing legislative framework.

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