Branches of Law

Civil law

The Law Firm “KOUFELOS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM” provides specialized legal consulting work and undertakes out-of-court and judicial representation in matters related to the wider spectrum of Civil Law, namely:

• Family Law: cohabitation agreement, annulment of an invalid or voidable marriage, divorce by mutual consent or by dispute, maintenance of spouse and children, custody of children, participation in marital assets, surrogate motherhood, adoption, recognition of children, legal assistance.
• Inheritance Law: promulgation of a will, acceptance of inheritance (with or without a will), disclaimer of inheritance, judicial pursuit of legal destiny, relations of co-heirs.
• Real estate: leases (civil – professional – rural), rent return orders, rent reduction lawsuits, usufructuary issues, real disputes.
• Settlement of apartment building issues and disputes between co-owners, neighboring law
• Private contracts.
• Farmers’ compensations.
• Civil compensation (contractual liability, tort, etc.).

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