Sultana (Tanya) Butha
Supreme Court Lawyer - Publicist - Accredited Mediator
External Partner of the law firm "Koufelos and Associates Law Firm".

• Graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
• Holder of a Master’s Degree (L.L.M.) of the School of Law of the Democritus University of Komotini in the Field of Public Law with a grade of “TOP TEN” and compulsory specialization courses in Tax Law, Administrative Law and Constitutional Law. The main specialization course is Tax Law and the preparation of a Master’s Thesis on “Tax audits and taxpayers’ rights.”
Accredited Mediator of the Ministry of Justice
Member of the Union of Greek Journalists
• Accredited multi-year participation in the Annual Conferences of the Union of Greek Publicists
• Active accredited participation in seminars and lectures on Tax Legislation, Administrative Law, Public Law in general, Banking Law and the institution of Mediation
• Attending and participating in Conferences and attending scientific conferences and seminars for the purpose of further information and training in all areas of law
• Internship at the law office of Mr. Efstratiadis, Mr. Petmeza and Mr. Angelakopoulos in Thessaloniki with the subject of Banking Law, Transportation Law and Maritime Law
• Many years of experience in Branches of Law and Areas of Specialization such as: Banking Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Leases, Civil Law in general, Traffic Law, Corporate / Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Enforcement Law, Criminal Law and Special Criminals Laws, Aliens and Citizenship Law, IT Law, Real Estate Law, Privacy
• Speaks English and French

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