• Graduated from the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace.

• Internship in the personal office of the Labor Advocate and Honorary Lawyer, former Governor of the EFKA Mr. Lambros Sembos, with associates Lawyers – Members of the Athens Bar Association, etc. Alexandri Maria and Karabulia Yolanda.

• Member of the Mytilene Bar Association

Master’s Diploma (M.D.E) in “International and European Energy Law</strong >» (LLM – International and European Energy Law)Democritius University of Thrace

Master’s Degree (Master of Laws, Economics and Administration, category: Administrative field) in “Administration andLaw of Health(Master Droit, Economie et Gestion Mention Management Sectoriel, Parcours: Gestion et Droit de la Santé) of the French University Le Cnam Paris (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers)

• Certificate of Participation and Attendance of the Unit “LEGAL ENGLISH” from the Department of Finance and Banking Administration of the School of Finance and Statistics of the University of Piraeus.

• Accredited participation in an Environmental Law program with the subject “MARINE ENVIRONMENT AND ENDANGERED SPECIES”.

• Certificate of attendance from the Biopolitics International Organization, subject to Environmental Law and topic “BIOTOURISM – NATURE – ECONOMY AND INNOVATION” (Implementing Agency Geoenergy Institute)

• Certificate of attendance from Biopolitics International Organization, with subject < strong>Environmental Law and topic “Action to reduce single-use plastics in Greek dry cleaners #GreeningDryCleaning” (Implementing Agency Geoenergy Institute)

Subject of Legal Interest : Medico-Pharmaceutical Law / Medical Malpractice, Civil Law, Insurance Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Maritime Law, Criminal Law, Special Criminals Laws, Military Law, Labor Law, Family Law, Domestic Violence, Intellectual Property, Church Law, Energy Law / Renewable Energy, Environmental Law.

• Speaks English, German and Turkish.

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