Those arrested for rape in Plomari received a deadline to apologize.
The two arrested for rape in Plomari were given a deadline to apologize before an investigator and prosecutor until Friday.
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Panagiotis Koufelos on the show “Truths with Zina”…
Panagiotis Koufelos, lawyer for the family of 16-year-old Giorgos Hatzelis, spoke on the show "Truths with Zina"...
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Koufelos and Associates – “They canceled her debt of 130.00 euros!”
Taxiarchis Koufelos talks to the journalist Stratis Tsitontas, from the newspaper "Ta Nea tis Lesvos" about the decision issued by the Mytilene Magistrate's Court, to "cut" by 80% the debt [...]
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Koufelos and Associates – “No antenna in Vounaraki” said the Court of First Instance!
The Koufelos & Associates Law Firm achieved a landmark decision for every similar case... "No antenna in Vounaraki", said the Court of First Instance. See below the relevant excerpt from [...]
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Koufelos and Associates – “Retired police officer free for hashish”!
Free for hashish, despite the 55 plants and seedlings of hashish cultivated by the retired policeman, who was arrested in the village of Gera for using the courtyard of an [...]
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Koufelos & Associates – “Cancellation of 87,000 euros loans for a Mytilene couple”
The role of the so-called Katseli law in protecting households from foreclosures and impoverishment is highlighted by another court decision concerning a Mytilene couple, who had taken loans of 87,000 [...]
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